C.B.S.E Affiliation No. :- 1030602


Welcome to Mandsaur International School’s website. Mandsaur International School is a well established school with a capacity of 1000+ students. The current strength of the school is around 400. Our limited numbers are our strength as it allows us to foster a family friendly atmosphere where staff gets to know all the children well. Parent participation is welcomed and we offer many opportunities for parents and families to come and engage with the children’s learning.

Experienced and highly skilled and committed staffs work collaboratively to deliver quality education for our students. Staff has high expectations for all students. We revolutionized the Educational scenario of Mandsaur city by integrating technology, learning space designs & international pedagogy approach in 2011.2019 sees us further raising our standards by implementing code.org programme , Google classroom, STEM activities & Theatrics in our curriculum.

A range of sporting and co-scholastic activities are available for students to pursue. Our student’s day is well enriched with activities like Yoga, dance, vocal music, theatrics & other sports activities. Senior classes have regular education outside the classroom experiences. Each classroom is equipped with its own set of learning resources and technology is integrated into the curriculum. In today’s dynamic world, a 360 degree development and grooming is of supreme importance and through our campus we are creating an environment for future leaders, entrepreneurs and professional who possess skills and aptitudes in an array of functional disciplines.

Mandsaur International School is a signatory to the International Student Code of Practice. The presence of students from different background and region in our classrooms provides our children with rich cultural experiences and helps prepare them to be members of a global community.

We are well equipped with a multipurpose sports ground, Activity hall, Enriched Library, well defined Laboratories, spacious and well ventilated classrooms for our students. Learning space designs for Junior wing are Amphitheatre, Read and Reel room, Activity hall , Role play area, Montessori room & outdoor playing area.

We are well supported by our encouraging Board of Trustees, I am very happy with the progress the School has made by imbibing in its students value based education synergized with modern teaching-learning methods to produce a generation of well informed and emotionally sound generation. Enjoy looking through our website and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions to be answered or would like a guided tour.